New construction job sites are always hectic and can seem like a big chaotic mess lacking in organization. With so many elements like scheduling, resources, logistics, and deadlines all competing for attention, how is it possible to keep everything on track and efficient? To avoid costly mistakes and probably a few headaches here are a few things that are important to track on the job site. 


Whether the job is estimated to take 2 weeks or 2 years, it’s a good idea to create a job timeline before beginning construction. Unexpected things come up- it’s inevitable- so construction projects have a tendency to deviate from the original plan, but a timeline will at least give you an idea of where things should be and at what stage of the project. Separate the project into phases, clearly establishing phase progress goals and schedule frequent timeline evaluations to check-in and see how things are coming along. This way, when hiccups come up you’ll be a lot more prepared to handle them on the fly and move forward with the job rather than get delayed.


All construction sites are heavily regulated in terms of safety protocol, and disregarding the rules (intentional or not) can result in hefty fines. If an accident occurs on site, you could be on the hook for medical bills and other damages, not to mention a potential hit to your company reputation. To help avoid breaking the law or causing an accident, perform regular safety training sessions and comply with safety audits throughout the entire duration of the project.


Construction project expenses can quickly get out of hand if you’re not continuously monitoring them. Although the homeowner or store owner is ultimately responsible for costs, the construction team can play a big part in avoiding unneeded expenditure. Financial constraints can easily send a project off course. Think about using forecasting tools to accurately predict the total cost of the project and materials. Maintain up-to-date accounting records so you can see at any given point in the project if you are running over budget, and if so, discuss with the owner to make them aware.