Hiring a contractor might seem like a daunting task, however it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a list of things to look for when hiring a contractor. 

1.References: You can always ask the company for references and they will be happy to supply them to you. This can give you more background on the company and you can get an idea about them from someone else.

2.Projects: Looking at photos and designs of past projects can give you an idea of their work. This could help you make a decision on pick the right contractor for you!

3.Billing: Someone that is upfront about budgeting with you can be very valuable. You don’t want a company lying to you about budget because we all know construction projects can be expensive. 

4.Transparency: Hiring a company that is completely transparent with you about your project is so important. This means they will keep you updated on anything that happens and be totally honest with you.

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