When it comes to the efficiency and productivity of your construction project, some things are impossible to predict, and out of your control. Things like the weather, family emergencies, delays in material deliveries, and other factors could have serious impacts on your deadline. However, there are a lot of factors that are well within your control, and if properly managed and attended to, will surely make a big difference in the success of a project. One aspect in particular- labour productivity- is vitally important in construction projects, and we are going to talk a bit more about how you can ensure you are giving yourself and your workers the best opportunity to work efficiently, meet deadlines, and save time and money along the way.

Crews Size

Having the right number of workers at any given time throughout the project is important for time and money management, as well as allocation of labour resources. The very beginning and very end of a phase and/or project are particular times in which you should be aware of your numbers, as these times play significant roles in productivity and ability to meet deadlines.

Crowding and Stacking

Not only do you need to keep in mind the number of labourers on hand at any given point, but on top of that, you’ll have to be conscious of other trade contractors working on the same project, or even in the same areas of the jobsite. The crowding and stacking of trades can easily impact labour productivity, causing overcrowding on the project, unavailability of materials and resources, and increased man-hours. To give your workers the best opportunities to work at full capacity, be considerate of the amount of time and space they need to do their job right!

Stockpiles and Storage Areas

If stockpiles of materials are poorly organized, and storage areas are not strategically placed, valuable time will go to waste having to manage, locate, and move materials around the jobsite. Just by simply placing your materials in an area that is accessible and convenient, you and your workers can save time and increase productivity. Other things to consider in terms of materials is to have everything properly categorized and labeled from the beginning to avoid confusion and misplacement of goods.