After construction is complete, there are a number of things that need to happen to ensure your new home is safe and sound. Here’s what you can expect after construction is complete:

The building inspector arrives to inspect the building for any errors or omissions in the construction process. He may also conduct a final inspection or an inspection for occupancy. After he signs off on your home, it’s ready for you to move in!

The electrician comes out and installs all electrical equipment and wiring, including switches, outlets and light fixtures. The plumber installs water pipes, drains and gas lines (if you have natural gas). The HVAC technician installs heating ducts and registers as well as ventilation ducts if needed. The drywaller hangs drywall on interior walls (except bathrooms) and frames out doorways and windowsills (if applicable). The painter paints interior walls with primer followed by two coats of paint (primer only if you prefer to paint yourself).

The landscaper lays sod in front lawns and front walkways, plants bushes around the house, places mulch throughout the yard, adds shrubs along side of house/driveway/etc., puts down gravel/pebbles in driveway