The design build process is a delivery system being used in the construction industry that starts in the design stage all the way to the build stage. Each stage in this process is completed by one firm, which makes it a much more smooth process for the client. The client won’t have to deal with multiple companies at each stage, instead one can take care of everything for them.

The design builder is often a qualified general contractor that know the design and construction sector very well. There are several stages throughout the design build process, which is why having a team that knows the industry well is best. This will also keep the project more organized and on track because it is one firm dealing with each stage. 

At Argue Construction, we work on design build projects within a variety of sectors, including: 

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Recreational
  • Agricultural

Are you interested in our design build process? Contact us to learn more and to see if it’s a fit for your project!