Family renovating together

When it comes to home renovations, it is common for people to put off the project. Renovations are such a huge undertaking that, to some of us, the idea of starting the project is daunting. It can seem like weeks, even months, until the end will be in sight. As such, it is easy for a project to get sidetracked, delayed, and left half-finished. For a home renovation, though, you cannot afford to stop halfway through the job!

With that in mind, then, you might wonder why do people wait so long to renovate?

The cost can be prohibitive

The main reason comes down to cost. The cost of a renovation is something that has to be worked out very thoroughly. Agreements with contractors, suppliers etc. need to be set in stone so you can have a clear price in mind. Sadly, many people simply work out the cost on a napkin and then hope they were right.

The cost can soon begin to ramp up, and conservative estimates can soon begin to get blown out of the water. So, always make sure you take a very close look at the overall cost.

The time can be hard to find

When you are working and living your life, it is hard to find time to commit to a renovation. Who wants to come home from a 9 hour shift and start some DIY? Or come home to a busy, manic household that is being rebuilt?

Finding the time to start and finish the project without major day-to-day disruption is a big reason why many people hold off renovations. Finding the time to allow the whole project to unfold as it should can be something that becomes needlessly challenging for any renovation project.

The experts are too busy

Many renovations rely upon one contractor completing a job before the next set can come in. On many jobs, you are waiting for Expert A to finish so that Expert B can begin. Any delays with A, though, might lead to B taking on other contracts and coming back to you when A has finished delaying the job.

This can mean even more delays, pushing Expert C further down the line. Before you know it, the delays that you had no part in creating are becoming months-long and it becomes nigh-impossible to get anything done.

Shortages of supplies and materials

The other big delay cause, or reason to wait, is for supply changes. In times of challenge it can be hard to get your hands on materials – at least at an affordable. Things like wood and building materials can skyrocket in price due to a simple change in the local economy. So, keep that in mind as you might find that you need to wait if you want to get the supplies and materials for anything like the cost you anticipated.

The above reasons are just some of the issues that can pop-up and turn a ‘quick’ renovation job into a months-long marathon. Keep them in mind, as almost every renovation will run into one of these issues!